Perpetual (e)Motion

Everyday is a day of adventure. The sun is up, it’s a day for the beach, or the kite park, or visiting the turtles in the garden. Rain, rain, go away? No way.

It’s a day for my boots to splash through puddles. There’s just too much in the world to discover. How can We sit still? Yes, WE, the little ones who are now very mobile and you can’t catch us, no matter how hard you try.

Daddy says I’m like the bunny that keeps “going and going and going.”  Silly Papa. Bunnies don’t “go” they “hop and hop and hop.” Hey, what a good idea!

Let’s hop around the dinner table! Wheeeeee!

Mommy reads everything she can to figure out where my off switch is, but maybe she should read this from “What to Expect” (toddlers, 19 months)  I especially like this story, because it recommends squeezing clay and squishing paint as a good indoor exercise. Oh, the fun I have with that! PAINT e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

Sometimes when I’m out and about, the big people say things like, “hold on tight, look left and look right…” and make me really look twice when we cross the street.  I learned that if I put my other hand up high in the air, people in cars might see me better because they’re big and I’m little.  I think that works, because everyone always stops and waves. I have a friend who has a leash, just like my dog.  Her parents say it’s because it’s safer.  That’s what ABC news says too:

I don’t know about that, but if she gets to have a leash, does she also get to drink out of the  dog bowl?
Hmmm, that sounds like fun too.

I wonder where I should wipe my



2 thoughts on “Perpetual (e)Motion

  1. Awww what a doll! Sounds like she’s got a good handle on things…or at least on mom and dad! Oh and Nell, painting indoors is fun! Especially with pudding and you and even use Jell-O before it solidifies! Looks just like watercolors, but smells yummy!

    • Hi Audrey. What a GREAT idea. I wonder what strawberry jello will look like with blue? Grape goo? haha. Or Vanilla pudding with…oh, that won’t work at all. the vanilla might just all spill into my mouth somehow. 🙂 Thanks for reading Audrey and my mum says thank you too. blowing you happy rainbow bubbles, Nell

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