Bring Floppy Eared Flora to Life!

Help us publish this fantastic children’s book with illustrations by award-winning Beatles artist Alan Aldridge!


Floppy-eared Flora floundered and flounced
For a rabbit was she, who’d lost all her bounce.
“Fluffle and piffle and fuddle me silly,
In a pickle I am, frick ‘n frack willy nilly.”

The author of the book, Catherine Brickman, is a mom who loves story time with her kids. She’s written a new book that will make story time fun for your little ones too.  It’s about an adorable rabbit named Floppy Eared Flora who loses her hop after her curiosity gets her into trouble.

With the help of friends she makes along her way, we learn with Flora about important life lessons and morals while we giggle at the some of these tongue tickling rhymes.

The book takes place in a wonderful world of surfing manatees and magical cats, but now we need your help to bring it to life. The book is already written, it’s ready to go, it just needs a little kickstart. Make a pledge. It’s easy, it’s fun and for every level there’s a one of kind collectible.  Thanks!   See you soon!


It’s App Party-Celebrate With Us!

We had a TerrificTuesday here at FeeFiFoFun
as we celebrated TWO major events!

“Bye bye terrible twos!”
Nell turns 3.


Jumping on a bed filled with birthday balloons is a great way to start the day-especially when you’re 3!

“No more babies in the house! I’m a big girl now,” announced a gleeful toddler in the early morning sunlight.

Birthdays bring wishes
Kissed by the sun
Slide on a rainbow
Ring a big bell
Sing Happy Birthday
To little Nell!

Sources tell me that a blow-out celebration including face painting, a clown, arts and crafts and a make-your-own pizza lunch is in the works for this weekend. We’ll be sure to report back with all of the details of what is sure to be a gala event!

And the icing on the cake? The release of our
already critically praised app 
 Make Me Music

This is the second app that we’ve released and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our first app, Flutterby Butterflies is a fun way to learn colors, letters and rhyming words and was released in June.

Both apps, as well as our website and many of our books feature artwork by legendary illustrator and “His Royal Master of Images to Their Majesties The Beatles”, Alan Aldridge. Alan is a Whitbred award winner, and he has collaborated with Andy Warhol.

In addition to Alan, we’ve also joined forces with Cirque du Soleil  composers Hugo Bombardier & Robert Meunier to create our theme song and some of the melody tracks featured on Make Me Music. We’re living up to our mantra of “experiential ART by Big Artists for little artists”!

Check out our press release for more info on Make Me Music and what we’re doing to promote music education for our little ones.

And don’t forget to sing Happy Birthday–even if it isn’t your birthday, it’s someone’s birthday and it’ll just make you and everyone around you SMILE!